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John Amaehci

Does inclusion start with privilege?

Where do we start to be truly inclusive as managers? Awareness of your starting point could help. In under 3 […]

Supporting our working carers

There are currently an estimated 250,000 carers working in the NHS, many of whom are aged between 45-64 and so […]

Communicating with children about COVID-19

If you’re a key worker parent or carer, Dr Sarah Helps, a clinical psychologist and consultant family therapist at the […]

#10minPausespace tag

‘Easy to run’ virtual pause space

Thank you for stepping forward to run this ‘easy to run’ virtual 10-min Pause Space This guidance has been designed for […]

#10minPausespace tag

The 10-minute Pause Space script

Please stick to the words and the questions, which have been carefully crafted. Remember to have a timer to hand […]