Our NHS People

Forms for publishing content

The Leadership and Lifelong Learning division within the Leadership Academy developed the people.nhs.uk microsite to provide inspirational and learning resources for the NHS workforce and builds on the lessons learned during COVID-19 and to fulfill the People Plan objective to deliver bitesize learning and development tools to those wishing to progress within the NHS and Care system. 

To help you decide whether the people.nhs.uk microsite is the best platform for your content, it’s important to note that this platform is:

  • Transactional – log in/registration details will be required for you to access some of the materials and track progress through bitesize learning modules;
  • A resource for interactive, inspirational, life-long learning and development;
  • A space for colleagues to connect with each other, utilising offers that create a safe space to communicate.

The people.nhs.uk microsite is not:

  • A resource for policy content;
  • For signposting visitors away from the site. We aim to retain as many visitors as possible. 
  • For notifications and marketing events.

On this page, you will find useful forms and guidance to consider ahead of requesting the support of the Leadership and Lifelong Learning’s Content and Digital teams.

Accessibility should be at the forefront of every project. Here you will find links to guidance and information that will help you to design content that will be impactful and inclusive.

You are encouraged to allow enough time to complete the governance sign off process so that important milestones are not missed. The Content and Digital teams will not be able to progress requests that have not been approved by the governance teams.

Publishing guidance and resources

Accessibility and inclusion is vital for the success of any project. The links below aim to support you to consider those that may find it difficult to access online content, whilst maintaining the organisation’s branding and style ethos. There is plenty of information on The Hub that will help you when considering publishing content, including checklists and things to think about before commencing a project.

Governance forms

Publications Approval Committee (PAC) concept approval form

The PAC form is a mandatory form that all project teams need to complete when requesting to publish new content. Please complete the concept approval form right at the start of your planning process. Where necessary, PAC submissions are triaged to the Digital Projects Assurance Group (DPAG). Further information is available on The Hub.

Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)

Teams wanting to collect and analyse data as part of their project will need to complete a DPIA form for review at the start of the project’s conceptualisation. This form will help you to consider how and why data will be used and where/how long it will be stored. Further information is available on Sharepoint.

Digital request form

Once the governance process is complete, you will be asked to complete a short digital request form. This is an internal form that draws from the information you would have provided to PAC, DPAG and/or DPIA to gain further understanding of your project. Scoping meetings can be arranged at this point for the development of your project.

Digital request form

Tip: It is recommended that you allow two to three weeks to complete the governance process. Following successful sign off, the content team will require a lead time of two weeks to complete your request.