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Executive Suite

Supporting senior leaders in health and care

A comprehensive suite of supportive offers and resources for senior and executive leaders in health and care. 

They are designed to support you to remain a resilient leader, continue to thrive in your role, and set cultures that value the importance of health and wellbeing.  

Who are these offers for?

We have a range of individual or group support options, webinars and resources for you. We know that executives are very busy people with limited time and that you need a lot of flexibility. We have designed these offers with that in mind so that you can access the support you need, and choose the option that suits you best. 

The offers are open to all executive leaders across health and care in England. Where the offer is for a specific group of leaders only (e.g. chairs or chief executives), it is clearly advertised. Some pages will require you register to access their contents.

Non-urgent advice: Featured offers

Developing the Chair/Chief Executive Relationship

18th October, 12:30 – 16:00

The relationship between the Chair and Chief Executive sets the tone for Board effectiveness and influences wider organisational culture. Yet, there is little available advice and guidance on how to develop this critical relationship, enabling both to maintain clear role delineation in a context of trust and mutual support.

This short webinar aims to change that, beginning a series of conversations between and for Chairs and Chief Executives.  It is offered as part of the developmental support available through the established Chief Executives’ Development Network and represents the launch of the new Chairs’ Development Network.

During the afternoon we will meet two established and respected Chairs to build collective insight from shared experience:

Marie Gabriel, Chair, London’s People Board, Chair for NHS Race and Health Observatory and Independent Chair of the emerging North East London Integrated Care System (ICS)

Elaine Baylis, Chair, Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust and Chair at United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust

As well as exploring good practice in creating a strong and respectful relationship, we will also consider approaches to addressing the typical tensions and challenges that occur, grounding our work in the interests of colleagues in the room.

This session will be open to CEO/Accountable Officers and Chairs only across healthcare organisations.

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Leadership Stories and Reflections

A collection of short videos from your peers and colleagues reflecting on the importance of looking after your own wellbeing and how to spot where you might need some support. Watch more videos in our Leadership Viewpoints collection.

A few weeks ago, we marked one year anniversary of the first national lockdown. Many of us have reflected on the last year and the experiences we have been through. For senior leaders in particular, reflection and recognition of the journey travelled, both for themselves but also for their teams and colleagues, is often really important.

We’ve spoken to 4 NHS chief executives who reflect on the very start of the pandemic in this short video.

The initial impact of COVID
Crishni Waring, Chair of Northamptonshire Healthcare Foundation Trust and the Midlands Region People Board

Crishni reflects on the importance of staff wellbeing being seen as part of inclusive and compassionate culture and a top priority for all leaders. “We have to try and make people feel safe to say that they’re not ok.”

She stresses that senior leaders need to role model looking after their own wellbeing and recognising own vulnerabilities. (And that cake is always good!)

Senior Leaders blogs and reflections

Read new blogs and reflections from senior leaders, including contributions from

  • Nikki Kanani, Medical Director for Primary Care (new)
  • Amanda Pritchard, Chief Operating Officer, NHS England and Improvement
  • Jacqueline Davies, Director of Leadership and Lifelong Learning
  • Ruth May, Chief Nursing Officer NHS England and NHS Improvement

To view available offers for psychological and mentoring support, networks and communities, see  Support in difficult times – Our NHS People and  Connecting and developing – Our NHS People 

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