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Virtual Action Learning

Virtual action learning sets

Virtual action learning sets provide a safe, secure and confidential space, through which individuals and collectives can explore the complexities of current leadership challenges and determine new and innovative ways forward.  Action learning is a form of action research.

Virtual action learning sets operate within a framework of ‘high challenge’ and ‘high support’, setting the context and conditions for sustained improvements in the experiences of both staff and the populations that we serve. 

You can choose to join a virtual action learning set through three routes:

Regional and system focus

A specific ‘local leadership system’ – where you will be challenged to work within the context of both your ‘real-work’ and your ‘real-time working relationships’.

National level

A general ‘national leadership network’ from across the entirety of the NHS system – where you will be challenged to work within the context of their ‘real work’ by connecting through broader, less-localised leadership networks.

Equality diversity and inclusion focus

A group of colleagues across health and care specifically interested in exploring and deepening learning around equality, diversity and inclusion and racial justice.

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