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Chief executive development network

Our Chief Executive Development Network has been designed to support you with your development and ensure you are the best you can be in your challenging roles, both for yourself and for patient care.

Free membership to this established network for accountable officers and CEOs across health and care includes:  

  • Themed sessions with expert speakers leading to facilitated communities of practice ( more information can be found under Action for Change)
  • Facilitated conversations with senior colleagues to inform policy development (Dialogues for Change) 
  • Access to online resources   
  • Drop-in CEO common rooms  
  • Transitions coaching (for newly appointed CEOs)  

To register your interest to join the CEDN please click the link below

Responding to Covid19 has created an opportunity to redesign and diversify the Network offers, enabling us to open invitations to all Chief Executives and Accountable Officers working within Healthcare organisations as part of the Executive Suite:

Common Rooms for CEOs and Chairs

We have now run eight Common Room style meetings for Chief Executives and Accountable officers. Further dates for CEOs will be announced soon. We are now also offering these informal sessions for Chairs.

Further dates will be announced soon.

The Common Rooms are short (90 minute) online network meetings for a maximum of 15 participants. Each confidential meeting provides an opportunity to connect with colleagues, to make sense of and compare experience, to refresh and focus on whatever feels important in a context of mutual support.

To register your interest to be contacted about one of the upcoming common room sessions please click the link below

Dedicated transition coach 

First time, newly appointed CEOs and accountable officers in Healthcare organisations can have access to a dedicated transition coach who will initially welcome individuals into the network and then to help progress their individual personal learning agenda and shape network events. If you are interested, please e-mail us on [email protected] 

Mentoring from the Centre for Army Leadership

Navigating leadership challenges can often benefit from reflecting with an experienced mentor. The Army for Centre Leadership mentoring offer will support you in finding real-time solutions to you move forward and find positive ways to stay resilient and overcome immediate challenges.

You will be matched with an experienced army leadership mentor who will support you in finding real-time solutions by:

  • Standing back to appraising decision-making ‘in the immediate moment’
  • Tackling the complexities of responding to the current crisis and recovery
  • Thinking forward to address and plan practically for the many dilemmas right now or anticipate in the near future

Dialogue for Change

Dialogues are half-day facilitated conversations, providing the opportunity for mutually influential discussions between Chief Executives and national system leaders. The sessions offer guests the confidential opportunity to describe their thinking and its underlying influences, whilst being open to discussion and debate with members. So, for each session for example, we hope to be able to explore questions such as ‘what have you learned from the last six months and how is that shaping your Policy/Plans/future thinking?’
Amanda Pritchard pioneered the Network’s first Dialogue that took place on 14 October.

Future dates and speakers will be confirmed soon.

Non-urgent advice: We’d like your feedback

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