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The King’s Fund masterclasses

At the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic everyone rose to the challenge; in the health and care sector people did whatever it took to deliver services and save lives. A year later the pandemic continues to hold countries worldwide in its grip. We are now confronted with the long-term nature of this situation and with recovery and reset; for many this is a tiring, demotivating prospect. More than ever, people are looking to senior leaders to guide them through, to provide direction and certainty when nothing is certain. 

The King’s Fund are hosting a series of short, themed online masterclasses to support you in leading your organisations in these very particular circumstances. Their purpose is to give you the space to consider how best to:

  • Approach decision-making differently
  • Support teams through ongoing cycles of change and transition
  • Continue to engage with crucial issues such as diversity, inclusion and inequality and move forward on these crucial issues
  • Build in learning processes to enable your organisation to adjust dynamically in response to each new phase of the future.

The masterclasses will be led by two senior consultants of The King’s Fund faculty drawing on current research and theory.

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Leading through transitions and change, 20 April 2021, 10am – 12pm (join from 9.45am) 

From the outset of the Covid-19 pandemic people in roles across the healthcare system have done whatever it takes to keep their teams and service afloat. People have been assigned new roles, moved out of their home teams to help elsewhere, directed operations from home whilst shielding, and much more. In their personal and professional lives, people have lost their usual routines, and with that many have lost their sense of certainty and peace of mind. 

In this Masterclass we will explore the impact of continuous cycles of change on teams and consider models of change and transition that can support you in leading through these times. 

New perspectives – thought leadership from The King’s Fund

Following the masterclasses, The King’s Fund will write a short thought-piece on the issues arising from the conversations, supplemented with any informing theory.

As a lead into the masterclasses, Sally Hulks Senior Consultant at the Kings Fund, has written a thought piece: “Leading in uncharted times: returning to a new business as usual

Following our first session, we have a new thought piece also titled “Decision making in difficult times

Creating good speaking up cultures

The NHS People Plan included a commitment to empowering all our NHS people to have a voice, as well as supporting leaders and managers to foster strong speaking up cultures. In this video series, our Director of Leadership & Lifelong Learning, Jacqueline Davies, chairs a panel discussion on how we can create these cultures, why they are so important and what role leaders must play.

Other curated thought leadership resources

Leadership challenges change over time and hearing different perspectives and seeing through different lenses mean that our leadership practice develops, taking account of wide and diverse views.

The materials here are curation of leadership thinking – starting with leading through COVID-19 – what it means for us as leaders now and how we will develop our practice in a world living with COVID-19.

Racial Justice Series

The seminar series supports you as an executive leader to gain a deeper critical understanding about how to practically progress the work of inclusion through the lens of racial justice —  developing courage and confidence for leadership effectiveness in this complex area of practice. You will learn how to create cultures and systems where equity and justice are the foundation stones of decision making, benefitting staff and the populations that we serve.

Non-urgent advice: Next event – Leading for racially just futures

Please join us for the third event of the Racial Justice Seminar Series – Leading for racially just futures: confronting the remnants of historical myths and monsters. 

This event will be with the award-winning David Adetayo Olusoga OBE. David is a Bristol based British historian, film-maker, writer and broadcaster who has recently interviewed former US President Barack Obama. During the session we will invite executives to explore the importance of gaining critical insights from past and recent history.  These insights will challenge, inform and introduce new perspectives on race, that have the power to challenge and change leadership mindsets and practise to deliver racial justice.    

Who is this for: Health and Care Senior Leaders (ICS Leaders, CEOs, Executive Directors, Chairs, NEDs or equivalent) 

Date and time: 25th March 10am – 11.30am 

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The seminars take place live online with internationally renowned thought leaders in this space, beginning with a Racial Justice series in response to the global movement of Black Lives Matter and the disproportionate impacts of COVID-19 on BAME communities. The focus will be on translating theory into leadership practice.

There will also be themed Action Learning Sets following each seminar with continuously updated online resources including recordings available on the website. 

Recordings of the recent events in this series will be made available below

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