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Executive leaders’ seminar series

We reflect the ambitions of the People Plan for the NHS to model compassionate and inclusive leadership for all. The seminars in this series will include thought leadership for executive leaders to encompass the widest ranges of voices and perspectives around inclusion.

Beginning with racial justice: Seminar 1 – “In conversation with Dr Robin DiAngelo

Dr DiAngelo is New York Times bestselling author of White Fragility.

The session will include a detailed conversation between Tracie Jolliff, Head of Inclusive System Development, NHS England and NHS Improvement and Dr DiAngelo, and will include an opportunity for you to reflect with peers in this complex area of practice. You will also hear from a panel of staff of their experiences and reflections on white fragility and what they need from you as a leader.

Find out more about Dr Robin DiAngelo with a short video taster of her work.

To help you translate theory into leadership practice there will be themed Action Learning Sets following each seminar alongside a suite of resources available on our website. We encourage you to register your interest in an Action Learning Set.

King’s Fund masterclasses

At the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic everyone rose to the challenge; in the health and care sector people did whatever it took to deliver services and save lives. Some six months later the pandemic continues to hold countries worldwide in its grip. We are now confronted with the long-term nature of this situation; for many this is a tiring, demotivating prospect. And we have no certainty of the coming months, no one has faced this situation before. Yet, more than ever, people are looking to senior leaders to guide them through, to provide direction and certainty when nothing is certain.

Starting this Autumn, The King’s Fund will host a series of short, themed online masterclasses to support you in leading your organisations in these very particular circumstances. Their purpose is to give you the space to consider how best to:

  • Approach decision-making differently
  • Support teams through ongoing cycles of change and transition
  • Continue to engage with crucial issues such as diversity, inclusion and inequality and move forward on these crucial issues
  • Build in learning processes to enable your organisation to adjust dynamically in response to each new phase of the future.

The masterclasses will be led by two senior consultants of The King’s Fund faculty drawing on current research and theory. Further details on how to register will follow.

New perspectives – thought leadership from The Kings Fund

Following the masterclasses, The Kings Fund will write a short thought-piece on the issues arising from the conversations, supplemented with any informing theory. As a lead in to the masterclasses, Sally Hulks Senior Consultant at the Kings Fund, has written a thought piece: “Leading in uncharted times: returning to a new business as usual

Other curated thought leadership resources

Leadership challenges change over time and hearing different perspectives and seeing through different lenses mean that our leadership practice develops, taking account of wide and diverse views.

The materials here are curation of leadership thinking – starting with leading through COVID-19 – what it means for us as leaders now and how we will develop our practice in a world living with COVID-19.

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