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Online Journaling Platform

Journaling Platform

We welcome all Wellbeing Guardians to share successes and challenges in an action learning way which enable peer support and community learning.  We have set up an anonymous journaling platform which will enable pooling of themes from the data within journals and from those who attend the Wellbeing Guardian community conversation events. These themes will influence national wellbeing strategy, enabling NHS England and NHS Improvement to leverage the combined wellbeing guardians’ voice.  The outputs and themes shared through the journaling platform will be continually built on, helping shape future peer learning. Engaging in this way will assist NHS England and NHS Improvement in understanding the ’lived experience’ and the impact of the role in practice; on wellbeing of our people.

Wellbeing Guardian Journaling Platform PowerPoint

Please do log regular journal entries at this link: Collector (sensemaker-suite.com)