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How to write an essay in English?

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  • Writing an essay is a whole science that is better mastered in advance. And if the rest of the tasks can be dealt with in a fairly short period of time, then in order to write a competent and stylistically correct essay, you need to train hard. So, how to write an English essay?

    English essay outline

    In order to write a proper essay, you need to stick to a clear plan. If you need to express the pros and cons, it is worth paying attention to the following English essay plan:

    introduction (here you need to clearly define the problem, as well as touch on the aspect of duality of opinion);

    expression of your own opinion (here you need to express your opinion in support of the above question, not forgetting to argue);

    expression of the opposite opinion (express an opinion opposite to yours, approach the issue from different sides, pointing out the existing shortcomings);

    conclusion (at the end of the essay, always summarize the above, indicate the contradictions and possible solutions).

    Structure of an English essay

    The structure of an English essay usa can be defined as follows. The first paragraph always requires a statement of the problem, as well as two opposing points of view. You can express everything in three sentences, which should be combined with introductory constructions. The second paragraph is an expression of the author’s personal opinion, as well as several arguments in support. The third paragraph is an opposing opinion and several arguments, usually no more than two. The fourth paragraph should present counter arguments, and those that have not been named before. In conclusion, draw attention to the problem posed in the first paragraph and express an opinion in other words.

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