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Developing a wind-down routine

Giving the body and mind enough time to get ready for bed is an important part of healthy sleep. The problem is that when we are running around all day, seeing patients or completing admin tasks, and then we get into bed, our brain doesn’t have an opportunity to wind-down and let go of the day. Developing a wind-down routine for the hour or two before bed is a great way to prepare your brain and body for sleep. One technique that people find helpful is to dedicate 15 minutes of their evening, around two hours before you go to sleep, to ‘put the day to rest’. This involves taking a pen and paper and tying up any loose ends from the day, making a list of all the things that you need to remember for the next day and making a plan to deal with them.

Dedicate 15 minutes of your evening to writing down nagging thoughts and tasks so you can relax before bed.