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Keep the bed and bedroom dedicated to sleep

Most of us are probably spending much more time inside than we would usually do. If you can, protect your bedroom for sleep and keep non-sleep activities outside. This helps our brains to associate being in bed with being asleep – something that is really helpful for healthy sleep. The opposite – spending time in your bedroom not sleeping (e.g. working, worrying, watching online TV) – is likely to weaken that association between bed and sleep, which will make it less easy for the body to predict when sleep is going to take place. We want to make things easy for the brain, so it knows that when you’re in bed, it’s time for sleep. If you absolutely have to use your bedroom for work, keep it separate from the bed and clear it away at the end of the working day.

Keep non-sleep activities (e.g. working, worrying, watching online TV) outside the bedroom, where possible.