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Connection and community

“We are stronger, together”

One of the foundations to being resilient is keeping connected with the people we have around us, both inside and outside of work. We are stronger when we face challenging situations together and we solve problems better. We feel supported when we have others to go to within our communities, and we feel good about ourselves when we help others. Connection is at the heart of humanity and we are stronger when we both seek out and offer support.

Things I can do

  • Keep connected in all aspects of your life. As we are so busy it is easy to forget to nurture our existing relationships, especially friends and family. Being unable to connect face-to-face will make this even harder. Use technology to keep connected. Consider scheduling regular calls to help with a sense of routine.
  • Connect with colleagues. Being connected to your work colleagues is important to give you a shared sense of resilience and reminding each other ‘we are stronger together’. Remember to give thanks and appreciation for good work to keep each other motivated. If you are at work together, find time to properly connect with your colleagues, even if it’s just for a minute now and then. If you are working remotely, pick up the phone or use technology to connect.
  • Check in on others. Just because we look ok, doesn’t mean we are. As healthcare workers, we often put on a brave face. Check in on your colleagues, friends and family to see how they are. Lend a compassionate listening ear when needed and offer help when you can. Remember to balance how much help you offer, as you still need to look after yourself too.
  • Ask for help. We accomplish more when we work together. If you need help, then ask for it. This applies to being at work, and at home. Speak to your team colleagues and line manager if you need support. Make the most of wider services and schemes that are set up to help healthcare workers.
  • Do things together. You are not alone, and two heads are better than one. Find people that can help you to achieve what you need to do.
  • Create new connections. Connections make us stronger. During stressful times, there are always opportunities to make new connections. It’s likely you will be working with new people. Where possible, take time to nurture these new relationships and connections for the future.

Questions to ask myself

  • How can I keep connected to others? How can I better use technology?
  • Who can I give thanks to and show my appreciation for their support?
  • Who will need my support? How can I offer others support without exhausting myself?
  • What are the things that I may need support with, at work and at home?
  • Who could offer me support, and when do I ask?
  • What new connections can I make that will enable me to feel better able to cope?

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