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5 Questions

Before putting pen to paper, ask yourself:

  1. Who is your audience?
  2. What is the purpose of the briefing?
  3. Are there other colleagues I need to involve?
  4. What is the process for obtaining clearance?
  5. What is the deadline and how am I going to meet it?

Take some time now to think about a briefing you are writing, or may soon need to write. In your notes answer these 5 questions.

Which were the hardest questions to answer for you and why?
Which question is the most important for you?

Share your reflections below.

13 replies on “5 Questions”

  • Knowing the audience is probable the hardest question, ensuring its at the right level. The purpose is the most important.

    Stuart Subscriber
  • 1.Who is your audience- Knowing your audience is critical to good communication. You pitch your case differently to varied audience.

  • I feel the most important questions are ” your Target ‘audience’ and the ‘purpose’ of the meeting.
    Because your briefing comms depends on who you are Targeting, like senior managers, managers and the rest of the staff audience.
    Clearance can be tricky but I do report direct to Head of OD.

  • Who is the audience. What do they know, what do they need to know, is what I am writing relevant to them.

  • The most important question for me is know the purpose of the meeting and what are the expectations of the audience. Why is it being done and what do we all want to achieve from it?

  • Difficult question for me the clearance process.
    Also how to ensure dissemination of learning

  • what is the process for obtaining clearance, I feel this is always the one that I stumble, as many time I feel that is I do not understand the process on how to deliver it automatically affects the audience and the purpose.

  • Knowing your audience is key, I am also aware of the time pressures that we are all under and try to keep comms to the point.

  • who is the audience – as this will decide on the level of the brieifing

  • i felt the most important question was who was your audience…because this will influence the rest of the briefing.
    the most difficult question was the clearance process

  • I like these questions and would add. As a result of the briefing comms, what would you like people to now know, to feel and to do (act on).

  • Q1.My audience would be senior managers, managers and staff.
    Q2.To inform everyone what my role as a Wellbeing Coordinator involves and what I am there for.
    Q3.There are other Wellbeing colleagues that need to be involved and other Stakeholders.
    Q4.Not sure of the process for obtaining clearance.
    Q5.Deadline would be daily and yes it can be met.

    Q4 was the hardest to answer.
    The purpose of the briefing is the most important.

  • I feel the most important questions are ‘who is the audience’ and ‘purpose’ of the meeting. when I conduct ‘information sharing briefings’ with the team, I ensure that I respect others and try and keep the message I am trying to deliver ‘jargon free’ and easy to understand.

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