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Worked example

You have been asked to prepare a mini briefing for a pressured executive who will soon leave for a board meeting.

You have some notes you have taken from previous conversations and research;

The number of people who have presented at A&E departments each Christmas with mince pie related injuries has remained relatively constant over time, however there was a drop in festive filling facilitated failures in 2015 as a result of Heston Blumenthal’s partnership with Waitrose. In 2010 the rate of injury was 40%, this fell to 38% the following year and then 32% the year after that. In 2014 the rate was 34%, which fell in 2015 and 2016 to under 30%. The rate has been climbing steadily since then and peaked in 2019 at 39%.

What is the key point you would like to make in your briefing and how will you present your message?

Share your thoughts in the discussion area below before looking at the suggested presentation style.

Presented as a line graph: The rate of mince pie related injuries is increasing, following steady declines during the ‘Heston Years’