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1. Start here

“Welcome. My name is [YOUR NAME], thank you for taking time to be here amidst all of the demands on you. We have 10 minutes together. Some people might join late, so let’s quietly welcome them in too.

(We imagine that you will most likely be in a standing circle, but you may choose to sit if your workspace lends itself to that, mindful of infection control restrictions. Some people may need to sit down.)

“Let’s form the circle and take a moment to pay attention to the quality of our circle.

(Ensure people are included in the way the circle is formed. Holding the circle space is part of what makes people feel safe.)

“We are going to be using the three teachable habits that lie at the heart of “Compassion Circle” practice:

  • Listening with a Quiet Mind
  • Asking Questions that Matter
  • Appreciating from the Heart

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