Our NHS People

2. Grounding / explanation

This should take about 1 minute

“Before we start, let’s just take a moment to be still. 


“Notice the contact of your feet on the floor or whatever you are sitting on. 

“Congratulate yourself for being here. 


“Notice that in this moment, you are okay, and you’re not alone. 


“This time together helps us to connect with each other and reminds us to care for ourselves as well as everyone else. We are going to connect as a group and also in pairs. Please respect the privacy of what is shared with you during our time together, trusting that others will respect your privacy too. 

“Please signal your agreement to playing your part in this confidentiality by raising your hand. Thank you.

“I am going to keep us to time and structure this Pause Space – quite strictly in fact! – it’s this structure that stops us running over and importantly keeps the space safe.”

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