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4. Appreciation

This activity should take about 1 minute 30 seconds

“Now, still in your pairs, we are going to take a moment to appreciate each other. We don’t always find it easy to voice our appreciations of others or to be appreciated, but let’s try. It might be something you already appreciate about that person if you know them, or something in what they said that you appreciated.

“Working in your pairs, for no more than a minute in total, one person start by saying ‘One thing I appreciate about you is….’ and then swap after 30 seconds’” 

Time 30 seconds and then raise your hands and say:

“Time to swap over, make sure you both give and receive appreciation.”

Time a further 30 seconds then raise both your hands, allow the pairs to quieten, and gently but firmly bring people’s focus back to the group as a whole, by saying:

“Okay thank you everyone, just bring that thought to a close.

“We don’t always create the chances to think out loud with a partner or to listen without thinking or interrupting. And appreciating and being appreciated takes practice, so thank you.”

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