Our NHS People

5. Check out

This activity should take about 2 minutes

“I’d like to invite you back into the group now for our final couple of minutes together. 

“‘Please form a nice even circle’.”

(Allow a moment for people to turn back into the circle)

“Let’s check out of our time together today remembering that we are all human and that you and your well-being matters. We are going to go around the circle inviting you to take a moment to focus on your intention as you leave this space. Remember just share whatever you feel happy to, and it’s okay to pass.

“So, to our final question, and to hear from everyone, just use a couple of words in your reply, ‘To be wise, kind and compassionate towards myself I will…’ and anyone can start.”

(remember then go around to the left and check back with anyone that passed, including yourself when it gets to you). 

“Thank you everyone, that’s the end of the 10-min Pause Space. I’ve really appreciated your commitment, honesty and courage.”

(add anything else you’ve particularly appreciated).

“To anyone that has appreciated this time, and wants to find out what other support is available, please take a look at people.nhs.uk.”

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