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This 10-min Pause Space has been developed by Andy Bradley, his long-time trusted colleagues and Laura Simms. Laura, a nurse by profession, has worked in healthcare for 32 years and hopes this version is accessible and helpful to all compassionate and inclusive leaders, whatever their role. 

This offer is not ‘validated’ in any formal way but rather distilled from other practices and widespread experience from clinicians and colleagues. We encourage you to try it and see for yourself. It is approved for widespread use in the NHS.

Andy Bradley (recognised in 2012 by Nesta and The Observer as one of Britain’s 50 New Radicals), has been developing and sharing Compassion Circles for over 10 years. Compassion Circles have been adapted for use in Aneurin Bevan University Health Board where over 1000 healthcare staff have participated in rounds over the last 5 years. The Welsh Government are now sponsoring the roll-out of Compassion Circles which are known in Wales as ‘Taking Care Giving Care Rounds’. Evaluation indicates that the experience is highly valued. Compassion Circles have also become an integral part of the Compassionate Mental Health gatherings offered as a space for transformation and dialogue in Wales.

The same team that have developed 10-minute Pause Space (#10minPauseSpace) have also developed other resources in response to needs arising from the Covid-19 crisis. This includes a 20-minute Care Space (#20minCareSpace), which is a short version of Compassion Circle. This is being piloted in North Bristol NHS Trust and beyond and being evaluated by a team at University College London.

More helpful links on the art and science of compassion and compassion practice will be made available soon.

If you have any appreciations, we would really love any mentions on social media using the appropriate hashtag i.e. #10minPauseSpace

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