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The 10-minute Pause Space process

Non-urgent advice: For reference

You can find the full ‘script’ for a 10-minute Pause Space in the Notes section for quick reference later. If you have installed the app you will have access to offline.

This section will walk through the process step by step. Take time to imagine yourself running each step of the 10-minute Pause Space before moving on.

Share your experience of putting it into practice in the discussion areas.

3 replies on “The 10-minute Pause Space process”

  • I think this is a good idea and would work on a weekly basis or the start and end of the week. At the moment we have fortnightly meetings were we can discuss anything that comes up.

  • This is not something some colleagues can do I supervise a team of call takers 9-5 and so are unable to take 10 mins to run this sort of activity which leads the team to feel left out

    • Dear Karadian,
      Thank you for taking the team to feedback to us. We’re sorry to hear that it’s tricky for you to take time out with colleagues to run one of these spaces. We have also developed 5-min Me Space for people to use by themselves or in a pair, which we hope helps those that are currently struggling to release time for other activities. Please find the link here https://people.nhs.uk/compassion-spaces/5-min-me-space/ Laura.

      Laura Subscriber

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