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Subcultures and microcultures – Activity

In the previous exercise, we asked you about your observations about the dominant culture in your organisation.  But what about the sub-culture you’re part of?  And your own team’s micro-culture? 

As you look at the culture at the different levels, is it more evident or simpler to see how you might be able to alter the culture through your actions?  What could you do?  What might be the risks of doing something?  What are the incentives? And what about the climate?  How does it feel to work for you and your team?  This is the area which can be affected most visibly, most quickly. 

What could you do differently to lift the climate of your team, even if just by a point? Take a moment to reflect.  So, consider an area in your team’s ‘world’ – so how they work together, or how things get done – where you think an improvement could be beneficial.  In the light of what you have learned here – where might you try something different?   And how will you know if anything is happening?