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Closing reflections

Thank you for working though the content of this short bite size learning module. 

Systems leadership is a vast subject and this short module acts as a toe in the water introduction to what can be a very complex topic. During this short module, we have looked at how systems thinking gives us the ability to see the bigger picture of our areas of work and notice the interrelationships between things that might at first seem to be completely unrelated

We have also explored how systems thinking provides a way of considering the wider implications of actions and decisions, thereby better managing any risks that arise.

Consider how applying systems thinking could help influence what leadership styles you might need to use to pro-actively manage risk within your team and the wider system that it connects with.

Use your journal to jot down a few final reflections on the following two questions:

Q. What are your own perspectives on the theories and ways of working around systems leadership that we have looked at in this module?

Q. How could the insights you’ve gained form the content we’ve looked at in this module be utilised within your team and the wider system which it works in?

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