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What do we know about how we learn?

We want to explore the idea of learning with you.  What do you think of when we talk about learning?  

Many people think about school – or classroom experiences.  And that’s certainly an experience of structured learning we all share.   

Beyond our formal education, you could argue that we never stop learning to get through life.  

What about the first time you wrote and sent an email?   At one time, you didn’t know how to do that – but now you do.  The same could be said for learning how to read food labels, how to make scrambled eggs, how to use Facebook, how to cross the road or how to speak Japanese.  You won’t know how to do all of these, but you’ll know at least 1!

So what do we know about how we learn – and is there anything we can do which helps us be as open and prepared as possible to at least try?  

In the discussion forum below, reflect upon;

  • What you think of when we talk about learning?   
  • When was the last time you learned something?   
  • What was easy?  
  • What was difficult?