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Look after yourself – simple grounding technique

This technique can help you regain a sense of calmness and clarity.   It requires at least 3 minutes, and ideally a space with a degree of privacy or anonymity.

  1. Stand and close your eyes
  2. Become aware of your breathing
  3. Follow the rhythm of your breathing and settle into your body becoming aware of any physical sensations 
  4. Wriggle or shift your weight as often as you need to
  5. Then become aware of your feet on ground. Feel the ground. Soften your feet and let go of tension. 
  6. Let this awareness travel up your body. Softening joints as it passes, through the ankles, knees, the hips and upwards
  7. Then do the same from your fingertips, following the sense of awareness up your arms to your shoulders. Letting go of tension and tightness. 
  8. Then into your head.  Look out for tension in the jaw and facial muscles. Make you’re your teeth are unclenched, and not touching.  Let your breathing soften the facial muscles and smile. 
  9. Let your attention now settle back into the pelvic region and remain quiet and still for a short period, say 30 to 60 secs. 
  10. Open your eyes and tries to retain some of that softness.