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Using ORJI – activity

You are now going to apply the ORJI cycle to your own leadership practice as a frame of reference for becoming more self-observing and aware of conscious choices open to yourself as a leader in how you intervene.

This exercise is retrospective, but can be adopted in real-time, so that you are following the ORJI cycle in the moment. One way to hone self-observation skill is to choose one conversation or 10 minutes of one meeting when you experiment by tuning in to your conscious choice-making and observe yourself in action in what you say and do. With time, this becomes second nature and helps you to combine your instincts with conscious choices. This builds high levels of self-knowledge and enables you to tap into the full breadth and depth of your leadership repertoire.

Think about everything you have said and done since you woke up this morning .Think about how conscious your choices have been.

  • Why did you do that? For what impact?
  • Why did you say that?
  • Did you consider doing/saying something different?
  • What led you to make the choices you did?
  • Which of your actions were without conscious thought?
  • If you had given your actions more thought, what alternative choices would you have made about how to behave?

Reflect then share with a trusted colleague at work.