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Finding a true anchor

A boat doesn’t stay where you put it. Currents above and below the surface, tides and waves all seek to carry the boat away. You could try and manage the water, stopping it from moving. A more practical option would be, despite the turbulence, ground the boat to something sturdy with an anchor.

We all have anchors keeping us rooted in what’s important to us. These are helpful for making choices and decisions about what to do. For some of us, the most important thing is security – emotional or financial. For others, it may be freedom, independence or feeling a sense of competence or expertise.

Feeling secure is key to our ability to remain steady and adaptable. A lack of adaptability often stems from clinging onto something that we believe gives us security; for example, our job title, professional status and certain relationships. But we can often choose the wrong thing to feel secure in.

If we have chosen to trust in the right things for our security, the more secure we can feel in troubling times and the less we need to rely on the unstable aspects of our lives.

Q. What do you and will you trust in for your sense of security? Note down your response in the front of your journal, or stick it to your laptop for a reminder in turbulent times. Perhaps share your answer with others as encouragement below.

8 replies on “Finding a true anchor”

  • Myself, I will trust in my ability at all times to make choices that are good for me and trust I possess the skills to make it through anything, no matter what happens.

  • Keeping faith and trusting in God.

  • I have started keeping a record of praise I have been given and of what I have given others, it is nice to look back on and remember “that was a good day”.

    Dawn Subscriber
  • Remembering to have more faith in my own abilities
    Remember that I am making a difference
    Read praise to improve how I feel about myself

    Janet Subscriber
  • Reminding myself of things I have felt have gone well in the past , feedback I have had from others, my knowledge and experience. Being confident and comfortable with not knowing everything but knowing that I have the ability to work things out and to ask for help.

    Sian Subscriber
  • Keep a record of praise I have received and reading it again helps me to feel secure when I am doubting my abilities.

    Linda Subscriber
  • my Christian faith is the main anchor for me and seems to be what helps me in the darkest and most turbulent of times. I recognise for many people this isn’t a thing.

    julia Subscriber
  • Knowing that I am competent in my work helps me feel secure. As does knowing that I am organised outside of work.

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