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Steady yet adaptable

Being resilient is not about working harder and harder to cope regardless of what comes your way! Resilience is rooted in knowing yourself, knowing your limits and knowing what you need to stay steady when things get tough.

Whilst being steady is helpful, it does not mean having a fixed or unchanging mindset and approach to life. Leaders need to balance their steadiness and consistency whilst continually adapting. Although this may sound contradictory, the more adaptable we are as leaders, the steadier this can help us to be. Let’s explore what this might look like in the next few steps.

How can you stay steady yet adaptable in your work?

Karen Ellis, in ‘Grace Under Fire’, outlines some of the key aspects of personal resilience. Her article gives an insight into how people react under pressure and help you identify how you respond under pressure.

Karen Ellis – Grace under Fire Training Journal November 2010

One key point to note is that her research found that staying steady through turmoil starts with considering our own needs and our awareness of self. Karen Ellis talks about ‘self- regulation’, essentially this is about;

  • Knowing what keeps us steady & knowing our own anchors
  • Being able to detect when conflicts start to arise within us
  • Handling our emotions to facilitate tasks and recover well.

Conflicts could be between our heart and head, or our instinct and sense of responsibility. When conflicts happen, they can make us feel unsteady.

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