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Your unique contribution in the world

What is unique about you? Why do people value you? These are clich├ęd interview questions, which can be answered tactically to get a job or we can look at them in a more meaningful and fundamental way.

Having a sense of your uniqueness (what you do and who you are) is a very steadying influence. It can keep you balanced when you are under pressure.

Spend 2 minutes thinking about your own uniqueness. Make some notes in a journal using the questions below, if you find them helpful.

  • What is my uniqueness?
  • What do people value in me?
  • How do I know?
  • If there are gaps in my awareness of why and how I am valued, how can I find out more?

If that was a difficult activity for you then why not collect some feedback, for example, you might;

  • Ask trusted friends or relatives what they love about you most,
  • Request that your family write down adjectives to describe what they value about you, or
  • Ask colleagues what makes them glad to work with you.

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