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High performing teams – team competencies – Activity

We’d like you to check in with your team to invite them to do a quick assessment of how they think the team is performing in relation to these 7 competencies.  Feel free to devise your own way of doing this. 

The purpose is to ask for honest feedback and to use the information you get back as the beginning of a conversation with your team about what you can do together to improve the teams’ ability across these 7 competencies.  

You have a choice as to whether you ask people to identify themselves in their feedback or to do the questionnaire anonymously. There are pros and cons to both.

Once you have run the exercise:

  • Write in your journal how this feedback exercise went for you
  • What did you learn about your team?  What did you already know? What surprised you?
  • Summarise what you have agreed with your team in terms of what you will stop, start, continue doing in relation to any of the seven competencies.