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High performing teams – team competencies

Before we leave the topic of team resilience, we’re going to shine one final lens on the subject.  In 2007 collaborative work was done by a number of different organisations and academics to do a comprehensive review of the literature on teamwork.  The UK based company OPP were involved in that research and we’d like you to read a paper that they have produced that is linked to that research. In the paper they propose that the technical competence, skills, and knowledge within a team are not, in themselves, enough to ensure maximum team effectiveness. “Our experience and research has shown that there are also seven additional factors that are absolutely key in nurturing a team so that it will excel in an organisation”.

The paper provides a summary of those seven factors, or competencies, many of which we have explored in previous modules.  Our purpose in this module is to invite you to do a quick diagnostic, for you to check-in with your team to understand their views on how the team is performing across these seven competencies.  With an objective of maintaining energy and focus, we’d like you to provide an opportunity for your team to share their perspective with you. First, please read this article So you think you know your team?