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Tips for team leaders

These tips are useful if you lead a team to empower your staff to feel supported when adjusting to remote working:

Check-in regularly: Ensure that you regularly check-in on each of your team members individually. Use virtual team meetings as well as one-to-one calls will ensure that they feel supported, valued and productive.

Refocus and agree goals: At the earliest possibility, have a conversation with each team member to supportively refocus and agree their tasks and goals. It may not be possible to keep doing the same things they usually would do, in the way they would usually do them. In some instances, your team may even need to shift the focus of their work entirely. People deal with change in different ways. Empower your team members by actively listening to their concerns, encouraging them to stay positive, and ensuring that you are there to support them to feel valued and productive.

Encourage compassion, well-being and inclusivity: Being forced to rapidly work in new ways will impact each team member differently. Ensure that you pay extra attention to your team’s well-being and be compassionate toward their individual circumstances as they adjust to new ways of working. Working remotely may make it harder for some people to engage, so ensure that you foster an inclusive culture where everyone in the team feels engaged and able to contribute.

Linking to organisational support: Ensure that you are making your team aware of wider formal organisational support, such as help with equipment and IT. Whilst it may be difficult during this transition period, keep mindful of organisational health, safety and well-being guidelines to empower your team with healthy working practices whilst working remotely. Seek support from your local well-being, HR or wider senior management team if you need support or guidance yourself.

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