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Tips for teams

These tips are useful to consider as a team when engaging in remote working for the first time…

Agree how to work together: As quickly as you can, explore and agree your new approach to working together remotely. Openly share what each of you needs and try to develop a team routine to keep connected and accommodate your team members diverse needs.

Regular team check-ins: Being connected is more important than ever. Ensure you have regular virtual team check-ins. Make time to discuss your work and also check-in on how each of you are. Try and do this over a cup of tea, like you would a normal meeting to help you maintain a sense of normality.

Maximise technology, video calls and chat apps: There are a variety of ways to stay virtually connected using different software. Rather than sending emails, pick up the phone. Consider team video calls or a team group chat to keep connected. A list of available software and apps is listed below. Remember good information governance when sharing data in these new ways.

Be inclusive: Some people will find it easier to engage than others. Appreciate the diversity of your team and be inclusive by encouraging everyone to have a voice when sharing ideas. Build upon each other’s diversity of experience to help you all to adjust. You may even find that it’s an opportunity to get to know each other even better and feel more empowered to celebrate the diversity of your team.

Support compassionately and flexibly: It’s highly likely that your team will change the focus of work, or at least how it gets things done. Some people adjust to change more easily than others. Support each other to be as flexible as you can to embrace this change. Be compassionate with colleagues who mas struggle to do this quickly.

Respect the blurring of work and home life: Be respectful of being let into each other’s home and private lives a little more than you would usually. It’s likely that your colleagues will have caring responsibilities with wider family members and even pets. Be compassionate and appreciate that colleagues may need to be flexible in how they engage with you during this time.

Celebrate achievements: Take time to celebrate achievements, no matter how big or small. This will help you as a team to keep motivated as you adjust to your new ways of working.

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