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Hints and tips

Use a ‘remind me’ notebook – If you are focussing on a piece of work or a phone call, you could keep a ‘remind me’ pad near you that you can encourage your children to make a note on about why they were coming to see you. You can then pick it up with them when you have some time to be pre sent.

Use timers – Agree a time with your children that you are not able to be disturbed during. Have a visible countdown timer so that they can see how long until you’re free again. You can do the same for their focus; set a timer so they know how long is left on their ‘task’.

Arrange zoom calls with friends and family – a good way to engage with others to help you by giving the children a different distraction. You can use zoom for a whole classroom of friends to catch up. Just remember to make joining the call need a password.

Create a ‘Do’ jar – when your children are finding the impact of lockdown tricky, and are missing ‘normality’, get them to write down the thing they are missing, and put it in a jar. When lockdown is over, you can pull ideas of things to do out of the jar and do them with a new sense of appreciation. You can get them to decorate the jar while you’re on a call !

Create shifts at home – if you share a house with other adults, work out a shift pattern that works. Split shifts up for childcare, domestic contributions, and headspace (down) time. The saying ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ has never been truer.

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