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Shielding and our mental wellbeing

Whilst shielding is important to protect vulnerable peoples’ physical wellbeing, it can also have an unintended impact on their mental wellbeing. It’s not natural for us to stay indoors for long periods of time without social contact and can feel like we have been stripped of our liberties. This can lead to a variety of mixed emotions. It can be especially difficult for people who are shielding alone, as they have not been able to have normal contact with anyone for a long period of time.

Shielding can impact all of us in different ways. If you have been shielding and are feeling anxious, low or are struggling, remember it’s ok to feel this way. You can access a variety of national resources to support you, including helplines to talk through how you are feeling, mental wellbeing apps, and other resources on people.nhs.uk.

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