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Strategy 2: Respond

Responding – well to the challenge together.

The resilience of your team comes from combining each other’s capabilities to address the issue. When you’re in the middle of dealing with the crisis and your team encounters challenging circumstances, consider doing the following things to help you get through:

Establish routine. Routine team processes will help your team to manage and keep going (e.g. check-in and check-out huddles, ward rounds, handovers).

Buddy up. Remember to ask each other ‘how are you?’ frequently to check-in and support each other. Look out for each other in practical and compassionate ways, ‘here I made you a drink’ ‘do you need a breather?’

‘BPM’ Model. When faced with an issue, ‘BPM’ is a simple model that can help your team to work things through and find a better solution:

  1. Breathe – This will ground you and act a mental release to prepare you to assess the challenge.
  2. Pause – Take a moment to gain perspective, remembering all of the experience, training, expertise and wider support that you have available to help you to make the best decision. This will help you to take an informed course of action.
  3. Move Forward – Take forward your best-fit action, knowing that you made the best decision you could at the time.

Questions to ask the team to deal with issues during the challenge:

  • How is everyone doing? What does each individual need?
  • What would make the most difference to our team right now? What’s our highest priority?
  • When have we faced a similar challenge before? What skills and experience do we have to overcome this challenge?
  • Who else can help us?
  • What action can be taken to address these challenges?
  • What routines or processes could we set up to help us to manage better going forwards?

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