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Three benefits of high EQ for leaders

In crisis contexts, leaders with high EQ will tend to:

  • Be attentive and resourceful in managing their own (and others’) stress levels.  This often involves balancing optimism with a pragmatic outlook.  Developing a resilient mindset relies on an ability to remain grounded, avoiding over-reaction to negative events and responding in a thoughtful manner when dealing with disruption.
  • Maintain focus on strategic awareness.  Disruption tends to force us to focus on short-term issues. With an emotionally intelligent leader, there is a greater chance that they will keep track of big picture concerns, and remind others of the importance of balancing short and long-term considerations.
  • Sustain a commitment to productive interactions and relationships.  This will be apparent in the empathy they express to others, their patience and curiosity in listening, and their ability to balance decisive and supportive leadership.

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