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Podcast: Green NHS leaders

Nick Watts, the chief sustainability officer of the NHS and Paul O’Neil of the NHS Leadership Academy discuss he NHS’ commitment to becoming a net-zero health care system.

Motivating yourself and your team

In the 3rd of this 10 part series, Rasheed Ogunlaru shares 10 things to help you lead yourself and your team to stay connected and motivated.

Embracing change & uncertainty

In the 2nd of this 10 part series, Rasheed Ogunlaru, reminds us that change happens all the time and our role is to embrace it as leaders.

Life, leadership & you

Part 1 in a 10 part series of YouTube videos by coach, speaker and author, Rasheed Ogunlara.

Reduce your own stress

Why not take some time out to reflect and consider at least one thing that you can do to reduce […]

Reduce the impact of stress

Sonya Wallbank shares helpful tips on reducing the impact of stress on teams, including recommendations for tools to have in […]

The Stress Arc

Dr Sonya Wallbank shares ‘The Stress Arc’ tool to help teams and individuals identify where they find themselves and how […]

Signs of psychological stress

Dr Sonya Wallbank shares some insight into the various presentations individuals may exhibit when they feel under pressure, along with […]

5 Principles for creating successful goals

5 Principles for creating successful goals

When goal setting is done, well, it provides you and your team with motivational objectives that outline what needs to be done and by when so you can understand progress against them.

Four phases of support for staff during covid-19

Dr Sonya Wallbank reflects on the PAR framework and introduces us to the ‘Innoculate’ phase to help show the importance […]

energy spark in a clockface

There’s no such thing as time management

There’s no such thing as time management, only energy management.

John Amaehci

How to be present and authentic online

Digital ways of working have increased during the COVID period. What have we learnt that we can take forward?

Saundra Dalton-Smith presenting on stage

Keeping myself and teams positive

‘Sleep’ and ‘rest’ are not the same thing and Saundra Dalton-Smith’s 10 minute talk suggests how many of us incorrectly confuse the two. Discover the seven different aspects of ‘rest’ that may help you and your team feel fully restored

Managing your energy in the workplace

Perry Timms, Founder and Chief Energy Officer at People and Transformational HR shares five tips to help with managing your energy at work.

A nurse thinking

All it takes is 10 mindful minutes

In this 9-minute Ted Talk Andy Puddicombe challenges us to do nothing – really do nothing. He explains why it […]

Person smiling at self in the mirror with hands on hips

Can smiling make you happy?

Can how we use our body change our minds? Amy Cuddy explores the research in this 20-minute talk. She shows […]

Picture of Brene Brown smiling at camera

Being a vulnerable leader

When we asked team leaders about important leadership behaviours in crisis, comments about ‘authenticity’, being ‘vulnerable’ and that it was […]

John Amaehci

Does inclusion start with privilege?

Where do we start to be truly inclusive as managers? Awareness of your starting point could help. In under 3 […]

Jacqueline Davies, Director of Leadership and Lifelong Learning

The Executive Suite and my own leadership and lifelong learning reflections

I have a long-standing admiration for the NHS and like many of you, I have family members who worked in […]

Patient in bed receiving care

Emotional labour

Transcript [00:00:01] Hi, everyone. I’m here to talk to you about emotional labour. [00:00:07] It’s what you do each and […]

Hands in a circle

Supporting our working carers

There are currently an estimated 250,000 carers working in the NHS, many of whom are aged between 45-64 and so […]

Communicating with children about COVID-19

If you’re a key worker parent or carer, Dr Sarah Helps, a clinical psychologist and consultant family therapist at the […]

10 steps for managers in the event of a death or suicide in service

In the unfortunate circumstance of a death in service, we understand the need to balance sensitivity with the practical need […]

Going home checklist

Take a moment to think about today Think about one thing that was difficult – let it go Consider 3 […]

Tips for mental health professionals: Caring for people affected by COVID-19

If you’re a mental health professional helping frontline health care workers who are providing care to people affected by COVID […]

Person relaxing on a couch

5-min Me Space

Find 5 minutes to ask yourself ‘questions that matter’ to help you to develop a quiet mind, and practice kindness […]

Prerana Issar

How to be inclusive while leading in a fast-moving service

The pandemic risks widening some of the health inequalities that we have been working hard to address in the health […]

Michael West

The key components of effective teamworking during the COVID-19 Crisis

In this 5-minute video take some time to consider how to maintain effective team working during the COVID crisis. The […]

#10minPausespace tag

‘Easy to run’ virtual pause space

Thank you for stepping forward to run this ‘easy to run’ virtual 10-min Pause Space This guidance has been designed for […]

#10minPausespace tag

10 minute Virtual Pause Space with breakaway rooms

Thank you for stepping forward to run this virtual 10-min Pause Space with virtual breakaway rooms. This guidance has been […]

#10minPausespace tag

The 10-minute Pause Space script

Please stick to the words and the questions, which have been carefully crafted. Remember to have a timer to hand […]