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International Women’s Day 2021 #CourageousCoffee #everydaycourage

International Women’s Day 2021

#CourageousCoffee #everydaycourage

With one million women working across the NHS, it is right that we support each other to ensure it is a place where all women belong. This is where #CourageousCoffee may help. It is as a way for women to connect, learn, build networks and support each other to thrive.

What is #CourageousCoffee?

Like ‘coffee roulette’ you will be randomly selected to connect with up to three different women and invited to self-organise a 30-minute call to connect, learn more about each other and consider your #everydaycourage.
Once registered, the hope is that you will have these three conversations, with three women, over the next three months. The aim is to help you build your network and develop relationships wider than your immediate teams.

Who is it for?

Women supporting each other to develop, learn and thrive is key to future of health and care services. We want women to show other women that we support each other. Allies are of course welcome. It is for anyone working across health and care at any level, in any role. We are a team.

How do I get involved?

You can register your interest for #CourageousCoffee using the form below. This will help us introduce you to three women and to evaluate how you have built your network.

Tips on making the most of your #CourageousCoffee

  • Email your #CourageousCoffee partner to introduce yourself and to set a date and time
  • Keep hold of this time and arrive on time.
  • Prepare to share with your #CourageousCoffee partner more about you, your role, your challenges and successes.
  • Remember, that your #CourageousCoffee partner may want time to process the impact of the last year. Listening is a key part of connecting.
  • Take some time to celebrate each other’s strengths.
  • If your circumstances change and you no longer want to take part, email projectm@leadershipacademy.nhs.uk

IWD2021 – International Women’s Day 2021

Non-urgent advice: Registration to participate in #CourageousCoffee has now closed.

Sorry if this disappoints you. However, you can follow the hashtag on twitter. You could even use #CourageousCoffee to see if someone will join you for a self-organised coffee. Be brave!

What happens now registration has closed?

We are aiming that you will have received three separate emails linking you to up to three randomly selected #CourageousCoffee contacts by the end of March 2021.

Once received then please connect with your #CourageousCoffee partner and arrange a date and time to meet up.

If you have not had an email or no longer want to take part, email [email protected]