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What happens next

LookingAfterYouToo – What happens now?

Thank you for booking a session with #LookingAfterYouToo or #LookingAfterYourTeam.

What happens next?

  • You will receive a calendar invitation for the date and time of the session, including name of the Coach and their contact details. Soon, we will also send this by SMS.
  • If you do not receive this message, firstly check your junk email, then please contact [email protected] if you are in primary care or [email protected] for the BAME scheme.

Before your coaching session

  • People often find it helpful to spend a few minutes preparing for a coaching session. Prepare for your coaching session by spending 10 minutes noting down your answers to the coaching preparation questions.
  • 15 minutes before the session you will receive an SMS message as a reminder. At this point, find a place with good connectivity where you can comfortably hold a confidential conversation.
  • At the time of the session, it is your responsibility to contact your coach using the contact details provided. In the event that there are technical difficulties your coach will contact you after 5 minutes using the phone number you have provided. Exceptionally, you may receive a second message notifying you of a change of coach or change of contact details.
  • At the end of the session, the coach may offer you the opportunity for a further 30-minute session(s). For #LookingAfterYourTeam these sessions are 60 minutes. Agree a suitable time with the coach who will book it on your behalf.

After your coaching session

  • 24 hours after each session you will be emailed a link to a feedback form. Please let us know how you found your coaching session.
  • Two weeks after your final session you will be emailed a link to a form containing the same 21 questions you completed prior to the booking. Please follow the link and complete this to help us evaluate how well this programme is delivering against its objectives in supporting primary care staff.
  • If at some point in the future you feel that you would benefit from a further session, please book another session using the booking form. We cannot however guarantee that you will talk to the same coach as any previous sessions.

Rescheduling / cancelling your session

  • The emails we send out have links for you to reschedule or cancel sessions.
  • Or, go to manage bookings and use the ChatBot. Enter your email and the ChatBot will guide you through the process. 
  • Please reschedule/cancel at least 5 working hours in advance as costs are incurred to the NHS if sessions are cancelled after this point.
  • If you have problems with the process, please email [email protected] for support if you are in primary care and [email protected] for the BAME scheme.

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Thank you, The #LookingAfterYouToo team