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Supporting and connecting leaders and managers in health and care

A place and space for team leaders and managers to connect, share and learn together.
Through your feedback, contributions and emerging themes we will be releasing new content led by you, for you.

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Peer group support

We know that connecting with peers across health and care is important for:

  • Sharing experiences and ideas
  • Connecting with others working in similar situations or facing similar issues 
  • Connecting with others to get and give support in knowing we are not alone, we are in this together
  • Creating a safe place to share concerns and learn from each other.

Join the ‘ProjectM – Managing together’ peer group to network and share with other leaders and managers across the service.

Join the ‘#ProjectM – Managing together’ peer group

Find a mentor, become a mentor

Connecting with an experienced leader or manager could help right now.

Join our mentoring community and get or give support to others across health and care.

Mentorship: Peer support mentoring

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#10minPausespace tag

‘Easy to run’ virtual pause space

#10minPausespace tag

10 minute Virtual Pause Space with breakaway rooms

#10minPausespace tag

The 10-minute Pause Space script

Self care

To be able to support and lead others, you told us that starting with yourself was important. Here are some suggested resources to help focus on self-care.

Team care

Keeping your team well is also important to you. Here are some resources that may help.

Peer support and inclusion

As leaders and managers, you told us how important it is to stay connected with your peers. Being in safe and inclusive spaces to connect with others is something you can create together. Here are some ideas.  

Sharing ideas

We heard that finding time and space to share and help others can be difficult. Change the way you do the things you already do to help others think, contribute and thrive.

Leading outwards and upwards

The ‘space’ occupied by a manager or a leader can be a challenge. These resources will give you some ideas to manage the tensions you face.

Wellbeing support

For confidential wellbeing support by phone
Wellbeing: 0800 06 96 222 (7am – 11pm)
Bereavement: 0300 303 4434 (8am – 8pm)

For wellbeing support by text message
Text ‘FRONTLINE’ to 85258
24 hours a day, seven days a week