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Mentorship: Peer Mentoring

Peer Support Mentoring

Connecting with an experienced manager or team leader

What is peer mentoring?

This short guide provides an overview of what it is, how it works and the benefits for both mentors and mentees.

Peer Mentoring

We understand that being able to connect with an experienced manager or team leader could help right now.

This new approach to mentoring;

  • Knows that there are skilled, experienced managers and team leaders who are willing to help, right now
  • Requires removing barriers and creating easier ways to self-organise, helping and enabling people to make quick connections
  • Is a high trust and low intervention model that enables quick connection between people
  • Builds upon the momentum created using social media to keep connected; adding value to the feedback managers are telling us they need now.

Watch this brief overview of this peer mentoring offer from Charmaine Kwame, National Lead for Coaching and Mentoring at the Lifelong Learning and Leadership Academy, and how it can enable us to support each other by tapping into each other’s knowledge and experience during the pandemic and beyond.

Captions are available by clicking ‘CC’ at the foot of the video.

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