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REACT MH Training Evaluation

REACT Mental Health® Conversation Training: Evaluation

REACT MH Training Evaluation

  • Thank you for attending the REACT Mental Health conversation training.

    Your feedback will help us to improve the training, understand the impact it has had, and how we can scale and spread the training to further benefit healthcare colleagues.

    Firstly, we would like you to consider how your confidence has changed as a result of attending the training. We then ask you several short feedback questions to help us to improve the training and understand the impact the training has had.

    The evaluation should take no longer that 5 minutes to complete. Your feedback is anonymous and we do not ask for any identifiable information. If you have any questions about the evaluation, you can contact us using this email address: [email protected]

  • 1. Confidence recognising a colleague is struggling with their mental wellbeing

  • 2. Confidence having a mental wellbeing conversation

  • 3. Confidence to support improving a colleagues mental wellbeing

  • 4. Impact and improvements

  • DD dash MM dash YYYY

  • Thank you for your time. Your feedback will help us to improve the training, evaluate the impact, and consider how we can scale and spread the initiative. Please click submit.