Our NHS People

Supporting senior leaders and board level post holders throughout the development and transition towards statutory Integrated Care Systems

Supporting senior leaders and board level post holders throughout the development and transition towards statutory Integrated Care Systems

People are our key asset and the continuous learning, development and nurturing of both existing and future talent is key to our success.

It is important that people fit the jobs that we will need to fill in the future and different people will be talented in different ways. It is essential that all our people are able to realise and apply their talent for the benefit of not only themselves, but also our collective organisations across Health and Social Care and who are committed to high quality, compassionate and inclusive care to patients and citizens.

Across our CCGs and ICS footprint our 1600 + board level leaders are colleagues who have led our organisations for many years and have achieved so much for patients and colleagues. It is crucial that where possible we retain our talented leaders and their experience and knowledge to ensure the future success of ICSs.

Irrespective of where an individual’s career focus rests, we are passionate and committed to fostering long term career stability despite a change in NHS landscape,  and providing support when it matters in a way that makes a difference for the person.                                        

For more information about current advertised opportunities for Chief Executives of the ICS’s Integrated Care Boards, click here.

Executive Suite

The Executive Suite – Our NHS People has a range of offers to support the thinking and wellbeing of senior and executive leaders, including those affected by this change. In addition to wellbeing offers such as 1:1 psychological support, there are blogs, development programmes and thought leading webinars to support you in refreshing and sustaining your leadership during this transition.

They are designed to support you to remain a resilient leader and continue to thrive in your current role whilst looking ahead to the next. 

Our development support includes

  1. Mentoring from the Centre for Army Leadership
  2. Access to career development resources
  3. 1:1 Psychological Support
  4. Drop in Common Rooms for CCG AOs and ICS Leads and CCG and ICS Chairs  
  5. Chief Executive Development Network
  6. Specific CCG/ICS reflective spaces for all ICS Leads and Chairs; Accountable Officers, Chairs and Executives/Governing Board Members from CCGs
  7. Virtual Actual Learning Sets
  8. Workshops, masterclasses, and seminars


Navigating the leadership challenges in times of crisis can often benefit from reflecting with an experienced mentor. The Army for Centre Leadership mentoring offer will support you in finding real-time solutions to you move forward and find positive ways to maintain your resilience and overcome immediate challenges and crisis situations.

You will be matched with an experienced army leadership mentor who will support you in finding real-time solutions:

  • Standing back to appraise decision-making ‘in the immediate moment’
  • Tackling the complexities of responding to the current crisis and recovery
  • Thinking forward to address and plan practically for the many dilemmas right now or anticipate in the near future
  • Maintaining your resilience in difficult times

We are also in the process of developing a peer to peer support offer for Chief Executives and Accountable Officers to be released in the coming months.

Career development portal

Aimed specifically at senior leaders in health and care, our online career development resource portal brings together written tutorials, videos, and tools to help support your career management, allowing you to reflect on your career, opportunities, and next steps.

This would support any talent and career conversations you may be having as part of this transition.

One-to-one psychological support

We recognise that some of our senior leaders may be experiencing anxiety, depression, or burnout for which they would value a brief psychological intervention. These sessions offer a confidential, expert ear and informed strategies to help with a wide range of issues. Clinical psychologists have training and expertise in evidence-based psychological support for a range of difficulties. They are skilled in recognising and supporting acute stress in the context of unusual demands, such as those experienced in hospital and service management. They can also help with problems and reactions such as anxiety, depression, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, burnout, and the demands of managing complex and dynamic situations. To view available offers for psychological and mentoring support, networks and communities, see  Support in difficult times – Our NHS People and  Connecting and developing – Our NHS People 

To register for one to one psychological support please use the following link

Drop-in Common Rooms

These common rooms will provide you with a short (90 minute) online network meetings for a maximum of 15 participants. Each confidential meeting provides an opportunity to connect with colleagues, to make sense of and compare experience, to refresh and focus on whatever feels important in a context of mutual support.  

CCG AOs and ICS Leads:

  • 26th July 16.00 to 17.30
  • 4th August 16.00 to 17.30
  • 19th August 16.00 to 17.30

CCG and ICS Chairs:

  • 30th July 16.00 to 17.30
  • 20th August 16.00 to 17.30

If you are a CCG Governing Body member and would be interested in attending a future Common Room please e-mail your expression of interest to [email protected]

Chief Executive Development Network (CEDN)

The Chief executive development network – Our NHS People is a network of both established and new Chief Executives/Accountable Officers. Membership naturally changes over time, meaning that every conversation is as different as its participants.

  • CEDN content is member-led, meaning that our offers can be agile, responding to and grounded in Chief Executives/Accountable Officers’ changing realities
  • The Network offers both development and peer connection. Members tell us that they particularly value the opportunity to meet and interact with peers nationally rather than only regionally.
  • CEDN is open to both established and new Chief Executives/Accountable Officers. Experienced Chief Executives/Accountable Officers often mention how they value the opportunity to continue their development, as so much is new even for them as health and care move towards integration.
  • The Network actively welcomes and continues to provide dedicated transitions support for newly appointed, first time Chief Executives/Accountable Officers.

Our current development support offer includes:

  • Themed sessions with expert speakers leading to facilitated communities of practice
  • Facilitated, mutually informative and developmental conversations with senior colleagues at national level to build their network whilst informing national thinking.
  • Offers for specific members of the Chief Executive/Accountable Officer population such as ICS Chief Executives and separately CCG Accountable Officers
  • Topic specific offers such as ‘Getting Ready for the White Paper’, ‘Beyond the Fit and Proper Person Test’, ‘New Models of Care’ and Exploring the Chair and Chief Executive Relationship’
  • Developmental networking opportunities
  • Access to online Chief Executive/Accountable Officer resources
  • Drop-in Chief Executive/Accountable Officer common rooms
  • Transitions coaching for ‘new to role’ Chief Executives for up to two years

Non-urgent advice: Becoming an ICS Lead

Are you wondering about applying for an ICS Lead role? Would you like to know more about the realities of the role to inform your decision?

Now that the timetable for the recruitment of ICS Leads has been published, you might be wondering whether and how best to apply. The Chief Executive Development Network (CEDN), is delighted to offer you this interactive half day seminar which will give you the opportunity to work with chairs and two existing ICS Leads Fiona Edwards, Chief Executive of the Frimley Health and Care ICS and Accountable Officer for NHS Frimley CCG and Rob Webster, Chief Executive of South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and West Yorkshire and Harrogate ICS, to:

– Explore the nature and realities of the role

– Consider how well this aligns with your leadership interests, ambitions and experience

– Clarify and confirm the appointments process and role requirements

Date: Friday 10th September 10.00am to 1.00pm

Audience: This session is part of the Chief Executive Development Network and is aimed at chief executive level leaders in an NHS accountable officer role, focused on both service provision, commissioning and system development, and who are interested in knowing more about becoming an ICS Lead.

Reflective spaces for all ICS Leads and Chairs; Accountable Officers, Chairs and Executives/Governing Body Members from CCGs

You will have a particular role and set of responsibilities to shape the future health and care landscape.  This reflective space will offer you a range of development opportunities, both as a whole group and also for you personally look and make sense of/operationalise your newly designated systems.   

Future dates for spaces will be set based on demand and focused on support required by you. If you are interested in attending a reflective space please e-mail your expression of interest to [email protected]  

Virtual Action Learning Sets

Virtual Action Learning Sets (VALS) provide a safe, secure, and confidential space, through which individuals and collectives can explore the complexities of current leadership challenges and determine new and innovative ways forward.  Action learning is a form of action research. Virtual Action Learning Sets operate within a framework of ‘high challenge’ and ‘high support’, setting the context and conditions for sustained improvements in the experiences of both staff and the populations that we serve.  The VALS will enable you to focus on the real-world challenges of the upcoming changes and transitions with peers supported by an expert facilitator. Unlike brief virtual common rooms, they offer time out from the fast-moving challenges of leadership to focus on complex issues in depth, challenging ourselves to think differently and find better solutions. 

You would come together in half day sessions 4 times over an 8-month period, at times defined and agreed within your Action Learning Set. 

Events and seminars

Where possible recordings of the events that have taken place will be available on the Executive Suite

Action for Change Webinars

Designed to catalyse collective action on current health and care priorities, the offer comprises an expert seminar series supported by half-day action learning sets, which will be role specific and will meet three times over six months to translate ideas into practice.

  • For “The Politics of Leading Integration” previous seminars have taken place with Jon Rouse, City Director, City of Stoke on Trent; Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester; and Raj Jain, Chief Executive of Northern Care Alliance NHS Group with Local Authority colleagues
  • Health Inequalities comprising seminars and three theme related facilitated action learning sets. In light of the clear impact of inequalities on the incidence and outcomes of Covid 19, on 3rd March 2021, Sir Michael Marmot, Professor of Epidemiology at University College London, Director of the UCL Institute of Health Equity ;a world-leading thinker on inequalities; talked about the radical leadership practice required to influence for health equalities.

To register to join a seminar please click on this link Join an AfC themed webinar – Our NHS People – please note from time to time, some seminars will only be open to Chief Executives/Accountable Officers and Chairs but many are open wider so please do check the Executive Suite website.

The Kings Fund Masterclasses

Unlocking partnership potential: creating new possibilities through ICSs

As the legislation for Integrated Care Systems goes through the associated leadership challenges – and opportunities – come into sharper focus. Leaders across the health and care system are faced with the unrelenting demands of their own organisations coupled with the need to create and refine new models of working in partnership with those beyond, at a neighbourhood, place or wider system level.

This masterclass series creates space and sheds light on the key considerations for those in executive/senior roles within the NHS, Local Authority and voluntary organisations, wanting to get clearer on the mindset, skillset and behavioural shifts required to:

  • Notice and balance the tensions of leading an organisation and bringing impactful leadership to a wider system
  • Build robust and effective partnerships based on a genuinely shared vision
  • Acknowledge and use power collectively with others to create the conditions for new possibilities to surface, and old patterns to be broken

Co-hosted by consultants from The King’s Fund, each two-hour masterclasses will include a combination of models and concepts as stimulus for peer-based reflection and discussion alongside practical insight and activities.

Spaces are limited (Max 40 per session) so please book to secure your place soon.

Non-urgent advice: Next masterclasses

Masterclass 1: Systems leadership in practice

Wednesday 11 November 2021 – 10.00 – 12.00

We will revisit key thinking about systems and more importantly identify and reflect on the core capabilities. We’ll make time to consider individual priority areas to pay attention to as leaders.

Masterclass 2: Generating collaborative possibility

Tuesday 15 February 2022 – 10.00 – 12.00

Here we will focus on the behaviours and practices that support meetings and other interactions to be conducive to generating new thinking and action collectively. We’ll identify how we can build shared awareness of how we are engaging in discussion and benefiting from different perspectives. We’ll also consider steps for positively disrupting stuck patterns of communication.

Masterclass 3: Balancing power and influencing in partnership

Monday 21 March 2022 – 13.30 – 15.30

This final session will consider the complex and nuanced territory of power and genuine partnership as we explore how leaders can create the conditions for sharing power within and beyond meetings in Partnership Boards, for example.

Register for masterclass using the booking link below

Racial Justice Seminar Series

This seminar series supports you as an executive leader to gain a deeper critical understanding about how to practically progress the work of inclusion through the lens of racial justice —  developing courage and confidence for leadership effectiveness in this complex area of practice. You will learn how to create cultures and systems where equity and justice are the foundation stones of decision making, benefitting staff and the populations that we serve.

Previous speakers:

Signposted bite sized learning

Relevant and curated bite sized learning and resources related to current appropriate subjects and themes.