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Coaching and mentoring for leaders

Coaching and mentoring for leaders

We’ve partnered with selected coaching companies and other leading-edge organisations to provide free, confidential, 1-2-1 coaching or mentoring support sessions for all NHS and social care leaders.

If you work in Primary Care, please see our Coaching support for primary care staff offer to see if this is right for you.

We have 2 options for leaders to choose from. Read through each of the offers and find out how to access the right one for you.

Coaching support: Leading in and through the crisis

This coaching offer is available for senior leaders

Are you a senior leader wanting to stand back and appraise your decision-making during the current situation whilst creating time and space to consider how to lead the transition into the future state?

If so, we can match you with an experienced coach who will work with you to strengthen your leadership by creating space for you to stand back, slow-down and reflect – providing you with the opportunity to enhance your decision making, to ‘hold steady’ in, and through, this crisis and to build and maintain personal resilience in order to effectively role-model effective, inclusive and compassionate leadership.

Support for senior leaders will be provided, virtually, for up to a maximum of twelve 45 to 60-minute sessions. Please note that as capacity for this offer is limited, priority will be given to those with significant organisational, system or national-level leadership roles. You will be asked to make a short case for how you meet these criteria and how you, your team and/or patients will benefit from the coaching.

Please note: This is not an offer for career development.

Can you please complete the registration form giving as much information as possible, this will help match you to your coach. Register here

Mentoring support

This mentoring offer is available for all leaders at all levels

We can match you with an experienced army leadership mentor who will support you in finding real-time solutions if you are a leader and:

  • – are needing to stand back and appraise your decision-making ‘in the immediate moment’
  • – would value a mentor to support you in tackling the complexities of responding to the current crisis
  • – wish to address and plan practically for the many dilemmas you are facing right now or anticipate in the near future

A Military mentor of similar seniority, up to and including ESMs and Board members, will support you in finding real-time solutions to help you move forward, find positive ways to stay resilient and overcome your immediate challenges.

Support will be provided:

  • – virtually, 2 hours per week, for up to a maximum 3 months
  • – by experienced Army Mentors with significant experience of mentoring leaders in crisis response contexts
  • – in partnership with The Centre for Army Leadership

How to access an offer:

Register here to access an offer. The information you provide will be used to match you with a coach or mentor and will be treated with the strictest confidence.  

A member of the NHS England and NHS Improvement Health and Wellbeing: Coaching and Mentoring support team will then be in touch with you with next steps.

For further information or to express an interest, please email [email protected]

All enquiries and information provided to enable matching with a coach or mentor will be treated with the strictest confidence.  Information on how we will handle your data will be provided.

Privacy statement

The data you give us (name, email address, telephone number, NHS region and your role) is used to support the scheduling of sessions, including any calendar invitations and reminders. Additionally we will ask you to provide us with the standard NHS diversity data such as gender, marital status, ethnicity, religious belief, disability, age and sexual orientation although it is not mandatory.This will be used for diversity monitoring and evaluation which is used anonymously. The evaluation is being carried out by NHS England and Improvement. If you change your mind at any time, please contact [email protected] . We will delete your data immediately and contact you to confirm the deletion